Change the Default Play Button on a Mac to Support 3rd-Party Apps

Apple’s restrictions over defaults are typically a good thing. They help prevent users from accidentally being misled by something malicious or an attack. However, when someone wants to intentionally change the default to something, say, the default music player, Apple’s controls don’t make it very easy to do. I searched and searched for a way to easily allow the play button on my third-party keyboard (I use the Microsoft 4000 ergonomic keyboard) to control Amazon Prime Music. Or Spotify, but really just any music app that isn’t iTunes. I finally discovered Magic Keys which did the trick. Well, mostly does …

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Leaving Eden with Brandon Heath

After seeing Brandon Heath in concert this past weekend, I just can’t get over how powerful his music really is.

The album headline track, Leaving Eden (iTunes), is simply an amazing song about God’s love. In fact, the whole album describes God’s love, over and over again.

Here is the three-part series of Leaving Eden, talking about the new album.

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Can’t Like on iTunes Ping

I’ve been trying out Apple’s iTunes Ping social network, and for the most’s alright. Nothing special beyond the ability to follow your favorite artists and stay up to date with what they’re doing. It’s generally a bad experience because of how sluggish iTunes is (both Mac and Windows). That said, I don’t use it very much. If it were on a website instead, I would probably use it more often. But here’s a bummer. You can’t like tracks that aren’t listed in the iTunes store. This can both good…and bad. iTunes has a lot of songs for sale, but …

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In Concert, Meeting Brandon Heath

Over the weekend, I went to see Brandon Heath in concert with my beautiful wife.  She was a little apprehensive at first about his music, but after the concert, she was a fan. I’ve been following what Brandon Heath has been doing for the past six years, and I’m so happy to see where he is today. Back in 2009, Brandon won Male Vocalist of the Year, which I’m sure he’s quite proud of – in the most humble way possible. Here’s a video about his latest album, Leaving Eden (iTunes link). Other Links @BrandonHeath BrandonHeath on Youtube

Shawn McDonald Interview While On Tour

Shawn McDonald is an upcoming artist that has long past debut time. His acoustic sound rings in the ears across the world today. His soft touch on the guitar with the background bass or electric guitar is something you don’t hear everyday. Shawn is currently on tour with The Olivia Band, No Middle Ground, and Paul Wright. I was able to sit down for a few minutes with Shawn while he was performing at a church in Southern California. Most people will think “big name artist”, but when it comes down to it, Shawn is no different than you or …

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