Ferrari Racing Experience with Exotics Racing

I found a site that offered a Ferrari Race Car Experience and decided to go for it. My wife’s birthday was coming up and I know that she absolutely loves race cars. So I booked it. Two weeks later, I surprised her with the opportunity to drive five (5) laps around a track in a Ferrari. We drove out to the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA. There, she started her journey of driving a Ferrari. Maybe the most understated statement of the year, she loved it. I would definitely recommend giving it a shot over at, for their …

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Leaving Eden with Brandon Heath

After seeing Brandon Heath in concert this past weekend, I just can’t get over how powerful his music really is.

The album headline track, Leaving Eden (iTunes), is simply an amazing song about God’s love. In fact, the whole album describes God’s love, over and over again.

Here is the three-part series of Leaving Eden, talking about the new album.

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