FileZilla to Cyberduck


I’ve been a FileZilla user for a few years. I switched over to FileZilla away from Fugu and Cyberduck for reasons I can’t recall.

FileZilla has served it’s purpose, despite it’s bi-monthly updates (that get quite annoying.) It’s a simple app, you can connect via FTP, FTP over SSH, and then a few SSL options. I mainly use it for SFTP (FTP over SSH) because it’s more secure than FTP. If you know anything about Internet security, you’ll know FTP isn’t exactly the safest thing in the world.

Welcome to my life, Cyberduck.

Cyberduck has some killer features which might come in handy for me.

It offers browsing Amazon S3 (over HTTPS), browsing of Google Storage (maybe it will eventually be termed GDrive, RackSpace Cloud Files, and eventually I would love if it offered MaxCDN/NetDNA browsing functionality (even though I use pull, not push, for my CDN.)


Overall, it has an easy to use, “explorer” type interface, and is also just a simple app to use.


If you’re looking for a new FTP app, check out Cyberduck.

2 thoughts on “FileZilla to Cyberduck

  1. I think if you’re a real tech lover, you must always exit of the comfort zone that gives you the software that everybody uses (FileZilla) and that simply works, and try new things and surprise with new features… I recommend CyberDuck… at least give it a try.

    1. CyberDuck certainly has a little bit more of a learning curve, but I still think it’s a great app for FTP.

      I still use FileZilla when I’m on my Windows7 machine, but I prefer CyberDuck when using a Mac.

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