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I’ve been casual gamer since I was about 8 years old when I was first introduced to computers. I played a really mean game of Oregon Trail on my Apple II E at school. My first computer had the blazing processing speed of 100mhz. I’ve seen a lot happen both in computers and gaming since then.

Augmented reality, also called “mixed reality,” is finally becoming a reality for the world. Virtual reality was around in the 90s, but never took off because of the high cost to entry for consumers, as well as a massive lack of content available even if you could buy the hardware. Thankfully with today’s breakthroughs in technology, that’s all changing.

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Fast & Exotic Cars of Newport Beach

I decided to take my camera out early this morning and grab some snaps at an auto show nearby here in Newport Beach. Cars were amazing, people were amazing.

I went to a seminar recently at Canon’s Live Learning here in Coasta Mesa about focal points and I wanted to try something different for this photo shoot. I primarily focused my photos at 17mm with my Canon 17-55mm lens, which gives it the wider view.