How to Setup a VAST/VPAID Waterfall with VideoJS

I was recently working on a project that required I setup a VAST/VPAID waterfall within VideoJS,¬†and pass macros to be replaced on runtime to the ad tag. It was pretty tricky to get it working, but after much research, I was able to accomplish it. Here’s how I did it. Setting up VideoJS I first followed the instructions to setup VideoJS, plain vanilla, stock, just as-is and nothing fancy. Made sure that was working. I found this hosted mp4 video which is great for testing if you don’t want to eat up your own bandwidth. Setting up VideoJS Contrib Ads

How to Return an Empty Cell When the Value is Zero in Google Sheets

If you’re anything like me, you want clean data and don’t want to show anything that may look wrong. In this instance, I have rows of data, but some rows may not have data yet and I want them to be ready for when they do have data. Instead of showing 0 for every field with no data, you can return an empty cell. Here’s how. In the cell you want to show the empty cell when no data, you first run the calculation to see if it returns any data. If it does, then show that data. If it …

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Augmented Reality. Gaming, Tech, Real Life

I’ve been casual gamer since I was about 8 years old when I was first introduced to computers. I played a really mean game of Oregon Trail on my Apple II E at school. My first computer had the blazing processing speed of 100mhz. I’ve seen a lot happen both in computers and gaming since then.

Augmented reality, also called “mixed reality,” is finally becoming a reality for the world. Virtual reality was around in the 90s, but never took off because of the high cost to entry for consumers, as well as a massive lack of content available even if you could buy the hardware. Thankfully with today’s breakthroughs in technology, that’s all changing.

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