Free up some storage on your Mac with Monolingual

Getting close to running out of space on your mac? Chances are there are lots and lots of language files cluttering up your computer and using up valuable storage space. Side stage left, enter Monolingual. This nifty (and FREE) app scours through your computer to remove any language files you don’t want. By default, it selects all except English. You can obviously uncheck any that you want to keep, but this nifty little app does a great job to clean up un-wanted and never-to-be-used language files. Enjoy!

How to setup an SSH tunnel to browse the web securely

I often have the need to encrypt my traffic when using a public Internet wifi, like at a university or a coffee shop. After scouring the web, I tried a few different tunnels, but this one really worked. This tutorial is aimed at people using OS X on a Mac, but could easily work for any other operating system. ssh -D 8080 -f -C -q -N username@serverIP If you have a non-standard SSH port, just add -p to the end of the command. First, I setup this command as a /usr/bin command so I don’t have to remember it. sudo …

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Awesome Bug Tracking and Project Management

Over the past five years, I’ve used a number of different bug tracking and project management systems for various projects. Bugzilla, Mantis, Trac, Redmine, and now JIRA. Bugzilla was complex to initially setup and felt a bit clunky while using it, so we didn’t use it for very long. We tried Mantis and it just didn’t have the chops to get it done [for our needs.] Trac is a great application. It’s great for bug tracking, but not that great for project management. It leaves a lot to be desired from a project management point of view. Redmine is also …

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Google+ Feature Suggestions

Google+ is awesome. But it’s not perfect. This is Google’s first real take at creating their own social network to compete with Facebook and Twitter. Let’s be honest, MySpace isn’t much competition these days. Over the past week, I’ve been seeing things that Google should do to be a better platform. Shorter profile permalinks, ie is just too long, maybe acquire or use instead Endorsements; think..LinkedIn and Namesake meets true social networking. LinkedIn is never going to be a full time social network. It’s great for business, recruiting, job seekers, etc, but for simple social network, it’s …

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